Author: Deekshita patel

  • The art of Hand Block Printing

    The centuries old Indian Craft of Hand block printing utilizes hand carved teak wood or metal blocks that are dipped in natural dyes and then stamped onto the fabric. Usually blocks are traditional Mughal motifs, but of-late more contemporary prints have been interpreted by the craftsmen. A wooden block takes as much as 15 days
  • Back Yoke Details

    Girls, Girls, Girls! Our favourite season trim this year has been the exquisite back details. These pretty backs make the back of the dress look beautiful, add a touch of glamour and are also very flattering to wear. If you don’t believe us, then check out the photographic evidence below!
  • Block printed day dresses

    Nothing warms the heart more than the warm Sun rays. What better way to celebrate the sunny days than to wear the Sun-perfect hues! Here are 3 dresses for the warmth loving souls. Swing dress for looking effortlessly chic   2. A little bit of bling to shine through   3. Sleeveless button-down dress    
  • Modern Indian Dressing for Workspace

    You know those rare people you meet in office who seem to wear the most unique, stylish pieces always? And you think they must cost a bomb? No, they don’t! Here is your guide to 5 must-haves for chic yet unique office wear The long maxi dress with a touch of glamour   2. The flared