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Yellow is a modern Indian clothing label based out of Jaipur. It is a contemporary interpretation of Indian crafts which means that while our motifs and fabrics our Indian, our colour pallette and silhouettes are chosen to meet the needs of modern Indian women.

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At Yellow, we handpick all our materials (including linings, threads & buttons), and we personally get to know all our printers, weavers, vendors and manufacturers. We are deeply involved in selection and execution of all the handicrafts available on the website, from block printing to weaving and sewing. By knowing how all our garments are made, we are able get the best quality.

We have set out to bring a little bit of Indianess in every girls wardrobe, in silhottes she is comfortable in. We take deep pride in our Indian heritage and are commited towards ethical business practices and fair trade. All our pleasing colours are natural, our designs are Indian hand block-printed motifs that are printed on 100% pure cotton. We hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed making them.

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